The advantages of integrated transfer machine and other CNC machine tools

integrated transfer machine

CNC machine tool is a very important equipment in modern manufacturing industry, and the integrated transfer machine has certain technical advantages compared with the traditional linear guide CNC machine tool. In this paper, the precision, rigidity, durability and application range of the oblique guide machine and other machine tools are compared in detail.

1. Accuracy

The inclined guide rail structure is more stable than the linear guide rail structure, and can effectively reduce the vibration generated during work. This enables the integrated transfer machine to maintain better motion smoothness and workpiece surface quality during high-speed machining. In addition, due to the large contact area of the slanted slider, the degree of wear can be reduced and good accuracy can be maintained after a long time of use.

Second, rigidity

Due to the oblique installation, there is a large enough Angle in any direction to offset the shear and extrusion forces. This makes the inclined guide structure have better rigidity characteristics, can withstand large loads and ensure the stability of the processing process. In contrast, the linear guide structure is prone to bending and deformation during processing, which affects the rigidity and processing accuracy of the machine tool.

Advantages and characteristics of integrated transfer machine

Third, durability

Because of the rolling friction mode, the inclined guide machine can still maintain a low degree of wear after a long time of use. The linear guide rail structure is easy to wear because of sliding friction, thus reducing the working accuracy. In addition, the inclined guide machine has better self-lubrication characteristics, reducing maintenance costs and operating difficulties.

4. Scope of application

Inclined guide machine is suitable for high-speed, high-precision machining fields, such as mold manufacturing, aerospace parts and so on. It can provide better surface quality and dimensional accuracy, and has advantages in complex curves and three-dimensional machining. The linear guide CNC machine tool is suitable for some scenes with low requirements for motion stability and relatively low price.

By comparing with other CNC machine tools, we can see that the integrated transfer machine has obvious advantages in accuracy, rigidity, durability and application range. However, in different scenarios, it may be necessary to choose the right machine structure according to the processing requirements and budget. For the pursuit of better surface quality and dimensional accuracy in the field of high precision and high-speed machining, inclined guide machine tools are an ideal choice.

integrated transfer machine